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Sydney fashion has always had its own unique style, found between a mesh of relaxed beach culture infused with both European and American influences. At the forefront of Sydney’s tattered hipster fashion movement sits Storeroom Vintage. Found neatly hidden away just off Oxford Street, Storeroom Vintage is flourishing where so many others have failed. The vintage movement, as the title suggests, is very old, however eccentric owners Lee Bob and Wade Osborn have found a way to keep it fresh and interesting. From Harley Davidson tee shirts to denim dungarees, Storeroom Vintage has it all – from my own personal experience, every item in their store is a winner. The hardest part about shopping there is narrowing down your options to stay within your budget. My suggestion to you would be to fuck your budget and just buy it! Chances are if you don’t snatch up the opportunity, someone else will and remember, there are no duplicates when it comes to such rare vintage pieces. While AMFAM was down in Sydney, we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview the Storeroom Vintage boys.  So here you go.

Iconic Storeroom Vintage in front of the Iconic Storeroom Vintage USA Flag

What was the inspiration behind opening a vintage clothing store? We’ve always been passionate about vintage, and felt stores in Sydney were getting stale and lacking cool unique shit. 

Where do you source your clothes and is there anything in particular you look for when buying vintage?

All our clothes are sourced from the USA. Our style is a blend of 90s Hip Hop, Rock N Roll, 90s sports clothes and 90s Surf wear, so we tend to look for that kind of stuff. We have trashed denim, the sickest Harley Tshirts and rad, old school cartoon tees as well. We look for as rare and unique pieces as we can get our hands on.  

What is your favorite era for vintage clothing and why?

Early 90s is definitely our favourite era. We look back at old photos and we were literally wearing the same shit we wear now. Oversized surf tees, short abstract print boardies, 2pac tees and ripped denim. The 90s rule.

What kind of music do you like to play in your store and do you think this has an impact on your customers’ shopping behavior?

In the store you can expect to hear stuff like Neil Young, The Doors, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, The Stones, Johnny Cash, Mac Demarco, The Smiths. Anything Rock from the 60s through to the 90s. And of course Hip Hop and Rap from the 90s. We like to provide easy listening and create a good vibe for the shoppers. We recently did a stall at Splendor In The Grass and played pretty loud Hip Hop for most of the weekend. We had people shopping as well as dancing. It was pretty rad.

Yeah Elvis!

Do you look to old movies and older pop culture for vintage style inspiration?  

Wayne and Garth are definitely an inspiration [Wayne’s World… party on!]. They are fashion Gods. Even in TV shows like Saved By The Bell they wore the sickest clothes. Alex Mack was rocking overalls and snapbacks before anyone. Also early Tarantino movies, which are obvious. Most 90s movies consist of epic clothes and in most of them we find inspiration.  

If you could style one famous celebrity in Storeroom Vintage gear, who would it be and what would you have them wear?

Can they be a supposedly dead celebrity, but still actually alive [in our minds]? Okay, cool… We’d love to get Tupac into our store, have him wearing a vintage rap tee with Tommy Hilfiger overalls and a Ralph Lauren bucket hat and get a picture in front of our giant American flag for our Instagram. Imagine how many likes that would get!  #instafamous Who is your target market and how do you go about marketing to them?  

Our target market is anyone who appreciates the importance of being an individual. Instagram has been such a great marketing tool for us and has been a vital part of growing our business.  

What is your vision for the future of Storeroom Vintage? We don’t like to think too far ahead but we will continue to provide epic vintage and expand our vintage empire. We won’t stop until ya Mum and Dad are rocking Store Room Vintage Threads.


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