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Celebrity Clothing Lines – Yay or Nay  



By Kristopher Fraser

In the world of high fashion, it used to take years of extensive training to become a designer, and even once the training was obtained, it would take a tremendous amount of hard work to make it to the top of the design field to a position like creative director of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Calvin Klein. People spend their whole lives, thousands of dollars investing in the proper schools, and hours on the sewing machine in the hopes that they will someday become the next great designer to be a household name. It’s a designers dream to see their dress on a celebrity, and having the masses type their name into google.

Of course, not all those in the realm of luxury fashion are gifted with extensive years of training. Some just happen to already be on celebrity status, and as a result, they have an easy time getting their foot into the world of fashion design.

One such celebrity who has managed to make a major impression on the fashion world is Grammy-Award winning hip-hop star Kanye West.

West, whose guest list for his recent NYFW show included Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour and Givenchy Creative Director Ricardo Tisci, essentially gave himself fashion authority as soon as he started to do sneaker collaborations with Adidas and launched his own Yeezus line. He recently caused quite the upset in the fashion community when he decided to stage a surprise fashion show on Wednesday, September 16, 2015. He received a lot of flack from many fashion editors, most notably Cathy Hornyn at New York Magazine who said of West “He is an amazing performer, but his merits as a designer are still in doubt. And it seems to me that the fashion world should be holding West’s feet to the fire — expecting more integrity and discipline from him. After all, he still seems to need our approval: There’s something touching about his desire to belong to the fashion establishment.”

West also caused a major upset because his surprise show ended up being staged at the same time as designer Anne Bowen’s and Naeem Khan’s shows at 12 p.m. Bowen and Khan, both incredibly skilled designers, took grave offense to West, who isn’t considered a real designer by many, staging a show during their timeslot. West’s show pulled audience members, buyers, and editors away from their shows they had been scheduled to attend, but just because they chose to attend his show instead doesn’t mean he’s really earned the respect of the fashion crowd. Once upon a time, West was mocked and beleaguered for attempting to do a women’s line, now he’s being hailed as a true Renaissance man and jack of all trades for being able to move between the worlds of music and fashion, although many don’t find him cut out for the latter.

West lacks what many celebrity designers before him have, attention to editing and quality of material. Sarah Jessica Parker, on the other hand, is a celebrity who knows how to do clothing. The former star of “Sex and the City” can boast that her SJP shoe collection landed Bloomingdale’s as its first retail partner earlier this year.

Her shoe collection now sits alongside Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Gucci at Bloomingdale’s 59th and Lexington Avenue flagship store in Manhattan. Having played one of the biggest fashion icons in television history, and being a fashion icon herself, people turned out in droves when Parker’s shoe collection hit Bloomingdale’s. She isn’t the only celebrity who has managed to have a successful clothing line.

Take a look at Kanye’s fellow hip-hop stars Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. Combs’s Sean John line is a staple at Macy’s, and has a huge urban following from fans of his music. Carter’s Rocawear clothing line boasts sales of $700 million annually. On the other hand, Carter’s wife Beyonce Knowles is in that category of music stars whose fashion lines have failed.

In 2011, Knowles launched House of Dereon, a line done in collaboration with her mother Tina Knowles. While Beyonce is arguably the most powerful pop star in the world, pop stardom doesn’t translate into a top selling clothing line. House of Dereon quickly flopped. Knowles tried her hand at fashion again in 2012 in an attempt to revive House of Dereon, but again the line quickly fizzled out.

The lesson here is celebrities, just like regular designers, are hit or miss when it comes to the fashion collections. There are those who can successfully pull off a clothing line, like Sarah Jessica Parker, Jay-Z, and P. Diddy, and there are those who should stick to entertainment, like Kanye West and Beyonce. The world of fashion design should usually be left to the trained designers, but, sometimes celebrities can strike it out of the park.

Like all business endeavors, sometimes you fail, sometimes you succeed. There is no magic formula for a great collection, it just takes talent, hard work, and perseverance.

Confessions Of An Autistic & Sexually Confused International Model



By Agata Descroix – @agatacruz
An exerpt from her book – Confessions of An Autistic & Sexually Confused International Model

“Be a model” is a dream for many girls and lots of them envy our position, thinking that we are invited to many parties, that designers give us plenty of free clothes and a Mercedes picks us up in the morning to bring us to our daily photo-shoot. But wait! I didn’t say I was a supermodel. I don’t have a personal driver and I earn what a normal job would pay me. I am just a regular model and represent the majority of the modeling industry. Most of us know about the 3% of highly paid supermodels but who knows something about the other 97%?

Try to get to the subject with your friends and colleagues and you will see how our job is considered. Just by saying the word “model” you will create waves of emotions and polemical discussions:

Models? They’re all anorexic! And stupid… They earn too much money for what they do.”

Models earn millions just by sitting in front of a camera… It’s so unfair! They are only asked to be beautiful and that’s it.”

Models are ugly, real life women are more beautiful and they should definitely shoot photos instead of those bony girls.”

Who said we aren’t real life persons? Why do we get judged so harshly? Why do women hate our body and in the same time, try to lose more weight? So few people actually know the truth behind the curtain. In every single model there is a human and this photoshopped being you see on the glossy magazine is not as strong and unreachable as you think. The myth is going to fall apart little by little, leaving all of us in a naked and vulnerable reality.

Fortunately, models are not all anorexic and if they were, they would probably expect people to be supportive and compassionate instead of being judgmental and mean! Most of models don’t earn so much money due to the fact they have huge debts with their agency and they are often paid months after they did the job. Most of them have no health insurance

and some of them face extremely delicate situations they don’t necessarily know how to solve in their young age.
So why girls want to be models if it’s so hard? Narcissism, love of travel, drugs, alcohol, parties?

I think it’s hope. The same hope that makes you take the job that will achieve a great living for you and your family. We hope that some day we will get what we are working so hard for, we hope that finally we will book the big campaign, get the big pay- check that will make our life or our family’s life easier and safer; thanks to this opportunity, we might be able to realize our dreams.

Behind every single model, there is a story and I will share mine with you. People want to know the truth and I will give you my truth; I will confess you my doubts and fears, I will bring you on my journey, leaving the glamorous job’s beautiful facade to show you the human side of it. How do we get discovered? What do we think when we party? What do we do when we work? How do we feel when we are not the chosen one?

This book is based on my genuine model diary written during my four years of modeling career. In this diary, I don’t hide anything nor make things more beautiful or horrible than they are. It is my true story from beginning to end. I give you a piece of my life and a piece of my heart. Sometimes, we start to feel compassion by listening to somebody’s true story. I hope this book will change your perspective on our dreamy hell. I hope it will make a difference.

My name is Agata. I am a 28 years old woman. There are the only two things I am sure about.
Just before landing in Mexico City, I was living in Indonesia. And before Indonesia, I was living in Switzerland. And before that, in Germany. And before, in China… Traveling alone is what I do best even though I have panic attacks when I do it. So many things have happened during those trips that it would take several books to explain them all. Back in Switzerland, I had lost my job in private aviation because of the financial crisis in Europe and I decided to take a big decision.

“_ I have money, I am healthy and young and I will make a bucket list of all my dreams and realize them one by one.”

That’s why I ended up in Bali. One of my biggest dreams was to give everything I had in my house to an association and go on the other side of the planet to help people. That’s what I did. I packed a pair of pants, two t-shirts, flip-flops and tennis shoes and gave the rest of my house to Emmaüs before flying to Ubud. During six months, I lived some of the most spectacular moments of my life but it couldn’t last forever. At one point, I had to face the truth; I had no money left and I had to use the rest of my bank account to leave the jungle and find a new job in a real city. What was the next dream on my list? Speak fluent Spanish. How much did I have to realize it? US$ 1,258. I bought a one-way ticket to Mexico City where one of my good friends was living and I flew there without knowing anything about the country. I was prepared to put all my efforts in this next step but also frightened to see what Mexico had to offer…

Little did I know that this decision was going to change my life completely and I was going to become a professional international model.

At the moment I got scouted, I quickly started to write a diary in order to remember this crazy adventure from the beginning to the end. Now that I finished my career, I think it’s a duty to share this experience with everybody. I know that my story is original and uncommon but it might give people a glimpse of what a model’s life can be. During this journey, I discovered things I wish I had never known. The loneliness and loss of structure I began to feel throughout my career is universally known in the modeling industry. However, no one knows why do we come to those extremes.

Somewhere, right now, there are models crying of distress, asking themselves if they took the good decision, if they are eventually going to get the money to help out their family; they ask themselves if they should go on, accept, refuse, scream or remain silent. My desire is to bring the light on what is kept in the darkness. I want you to know what is behind the smiley face we post on social network, showing how lucky and happy we are. But are we really?

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Walking In A Supermodel’s Shoes



By Michelle Smith
Facebook – MichelleSmithMarketing

Most of the general public is under the impression that the life supermodel is all about glamour and exciting after parties.  While I love attending the after parties, meeting up and coming designers, as well as top fashion icons; at the end of a runway show I really just want to make a brief appearance, finally get a quick bite to eat and go home to get a well-rested night’s sleep. The last thing I want to do is stay out dancing all night if I have a shoot first thing in the morning (plus, it is bad to show up with bags under your eyes anyway). At the end of every day, it is truly all about the shoes. Below are a couple of must-haves if you are pursuing a career as a model and these truly get me through my day.

The tennis shoe 

I start every day with a work out – it is part of my exercise routine and I work out every morning unless I am on an airplane flying to a photo shoot or runway show. As early as I start my day (sometimes at 4 a.m.), I am not exactly a morning person, so I make sure I have the athletic shoes of my choosing and my work out clothes ready to go in plain sight in the a.m. Living in Manhattan is great, because I can either hit the gym or go for a run in Central Park.

The comfortable shoe

I cannot stress how important it is to have a comfortable pair of shoes, because this is something you need before in between appointments. Sometimes fitting appointments go longer than expected, my day starts to snowball and I find myself running to the next appointment. This also happens when my agent calls and switches up my schedule (and believe me, when you are first starting out you want to have a packed appointment schedule as possible).

While some of my model friends carry tennis shoes in their oversized bags, I opt for comfortable and trendy flats. The key here is comfort so pick and choose what works for you. I can tell you without question that running uphill in heels on a steep cement street in Manhattan is a surefire way to get blisters, so make sure you know the city’s transportation like the back of your head as a backup plan, in case you accidentally leave your comfortable shoes at home.

The ideal heel



At some point during any given day, I am wearing heels. At fitting appointments some designers will provide shoes and sometimes some designers will ask you to bring heels with a certain heel height. The key here is that the ideal heel is all about comfort, because you are going to be on your feet all day.

On another note, if you are not comfortable with the shoes provided for you for a runway show, practice walking in them or a similar style prior to the event. Last but not least, I always bring a comfy pair of heels and a change of clothes for the after parties. If you are on your feet all day and not keeping comfort in mind (while staying fashionable at the same time), your feet will be screaming and you will not want to hop out bed for your morning workout.

The Victoria’s Secret After Party – What Really Goes On



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Sh. It’s a secret. Often called the “Super Bowl of fashion shows”, this extraordinary, lavish, televised event, costing an estimated 7 million and watched by at least 11 million viewers in 185 different countries around the world. Additionally, if the Victoria’s Secret show is the Super Bowl, then the after-party is an all-star one. What does exactly go on at the after-party that the elite and angels attend? The following is a sneak peek behind the scenes.

This A-lister after-party celebration comes with all of the perks from delectable food to celebrity attendance. The sexiness just doesn’t end with the runway and the Victoria’s Secret Angels change their lingerie attire and are dressed to impress with the latest fashion lines; from Versace to Giuseppe Zanotti Design shoes, complete with the latest accessories including Prada bags to Fernando Jorge jewelry. Skin was definitely in at this elegant affair.

There were however many other looks gracing the pink after-party red carpet. This time around many models switched barely-there minis for glamorous long sleeve gowns, sleek pantsuits and fringed frocks. The post-party fashion trends ranged from sparkly mini-dresses to a certain Mugler look two models actually wore. Popular fashion ensembles included thigh-high cuts on designer dresses and grid/net accents.

The opt for grid/net accents is an alternative for wearing sheer fabrics. Slash-like cutouts were also a favorite, featuring cutouts around the waist, chest and hips. When it came to most revealing, some models wore lingerie with ruffles around the hips and visible nipples through a body sock.

The after party scene in 2015 took place at Tao Downtown (the establishment was also one of the many lucrative sponsors among Swarovski, Samsung GALAXY and Chambord). Tao Downtown – a popular restaurant and nightclub in the New York Chelsea district was the place to be for the evening.

The subterranean restaurant with multi-level space, has the look and feel as it has been there for decades; while Chinese artifacts are unearthed within. What most people do not know is that the models also have another after-after party at a secret location complete with burgers and pizza. Yes, these lovely supermodels like to carb up after the show and deservingly so.

The Tao Downtown scene was attended by Selena Gomez (who also performed at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show) and Caitlyn Jenner, who made a stunning appearance in a sheer-paneled dress revealing a side boob and turned heads.

Kendall Jenner, an emerging model and second-youngest member of the Kardashian clan, made her debut as a Victoria’s Secret girl in the 2015 runway show. Although she’s used to sharing the spotlight with her sisters, she insisted they spend the night at home. Gigi Hadid and Kendell Jenner held the center of the room most of the night and were glowing from the numerous iPhone flashes.

Most of the models were ready to celebrate and dance the night away after the nerve-wracking fashion show. Upstairs, many other VS cat walkers traipsed across a minuscule step and repeat, flaunting their stuff for the cameras. The Victoria’s Secret after-party is clearly the ultimate post fashion show celebration.


Rachel is More Than a Friend, She is A timeless Fashion Icon



By Jenni Sellan

We remember the jingle; we remember the romance; and thanks to Netflix, there is a strong possibility that our girl crush just might go on forever.
Rachel Green; from the moment she burst on to our television screens escaping her very own ‘white-wedding, complete with a more than generously sized ‘90’s’ veil and the quintessential jewelled head piece, she instantly became our favourite friend and undisputed style icon.

From friend on screen to a serious friend of fashion, Rachel began her style journey as the queen of urban chic; her off duty style was without question her forte not only for setting the dress code in the 90’s and early millennial years, but it seems she had an uncanny ability to forecast fashion’s future; We might have given her early 90’s style an updated modern edge, but the trends we now embrace have been firmly established, as Rachel went (stylishly) before us; printed tees, denim overalls, peek –a-boo crops and knee high boots; sound familiar?

What about sneakers with just about everything? And how could we possibly go past the denim shirts and vests? Higher today than ever before on fashions’ radar, Rachel Green predicted the power of our denim blues some 20 years ago! A true fashion oracle with her fashion game clearly ahead of the curve.

From Coffee Shops to Fashion’s corporate playground, like her pay check Rachel’s dress code went up a notch or three and just as its evolution continued beyond off duty casual cool, her choices continued to make for a style we wanted to steal and continue to borrow.

With no less than some 700+ outfits worn throughout the series, over its 20 year tenure, selecting just 10 favourites seemed like the impossible task but these chosen few prove that simplicity and timeless style wins every time, transcending all seasons and trends:

What would street style be today without the option of mixing high street pieces with luxe appeal; Take your style cue from Rachel and add some polish to your everyday.

Borrowing from the boyfriend has become second nature; shirts and all; It’s an off duty dressing requirement. even if your boyfriends name is Ross!

Animal Prints have become the new neutral; add DVF into the mix and timeless style is your end game.

We’ve been selling the Dungaree / overall trend for a few seasons now. Love it or hate it, fashion continues to place it on the style map and Rachel Green marks the spot!

Because everyone needs the perfect white Tee.

Even in green Rachel nails the classic silhouettes and so can you.

Denim Skirts, splits and a graphic print; So now. So then. This is fashion forward.

Before Carrie Bradshaw there was Rachel Green; Who doesn’t love an unexpected pop of colour to bring life to monochrome? 

Texture and print play. So. On. Point.

And finally, the ankle boot and anklet sock; a trend that we try…and try but do we dare?

Rachel Green. Effortlessly chic with timeless appeal; there for you then and there for you now. Be Inspired.

7 Inspiring Women & Their Ponytails



By Simi A Mira

If you are anything like me, you probably spend hours watching tutorials on YouTube learning how to create the most complicated braids ever. Sure, all these impossible hair-dos are pretty cool, if you work as a Tumblr model. If you are a normal person unlike me, then you probably don’t have time for this.

Still, want to get rid of the hair in your face and remain as hot as you always need to be? Well here’s a secret for you: there’s nothing like the ponytail. If you forgot how sexy you can look with only this simple accessory, here are 7 iconic ponytails to refresh your memory.

Audrey Hepburn’s Classy Star

A feminine icon? Audrey Hepburn. If you still see that beautiful naughty face on pillows, post-cards and other tea cups, it’s because that woman created a legend. She knew how to shine and she knew how to adapt. Seeing her with that busy-woman ponytail walking around Manhattan, will make you want to tighten your hair right away.

Brigitte Bardot’s Ultimate Sexy

If there was to be a woman to illustrate men’s biggest dreams and deepest desires, it would be Brigitte Bardot. Putting her acting skills aside, you’ll have to admit that physically, she had it all. Now forget for a minute about her thick blond hair playing freely and look at that long, shiny ponytail. God created woman.

Madonna’s Best Friend

How can you sing, dance and strip around while your hair is getting in the way? Well you just can’t. And since being in perpetual movement is key to success, the Queen of Pop has found the perfect solution: a dynamic and stylistic ponytail.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s City Woman

Six seasons of Sex and the City, hundreds of designers dresses, thousands of shoes and yet, one great hair-do. Why did Carry Bradshaw get mad at Burger her boyfriend? Because his motorbike helmet ruined her pony-tail. Sisters before misters.

Gwen Stefani’s Punk

The idol of every girl who ever dreamed of being the cool singer of a rock-punk band. Well, if you were trying to get closer to her by painting your hair black, you got it all wrong. All it takes is a banana tucked in a pony-tail. Ready to roll.

Katy Perry’s Original Creation

When it comes to her hair, Katy likes to be… original. Which is one way to put it. Even when she goes for a classic, she has to make it hers. Well here comes Katy with a Cleopatra half pony-tail, half braid. Participation is what counts, doesn’t it?

Queen B’s Crown

Queen B does it too, but of course – she does it better. That applies to music, marriage, kids, and pony-tails. Our Majesty has been seen on the red carpet with a pony-tail aiming for the stars. And why do we care about Beyoncé’s pretty classic, yet quite high pony tail? Because you have to learn from the best.

It doesn’t take a worldwide famous star to realize that a pony-tail is for life. Whether you want to show your eyes or hide greasy hair, never forget that they’ve all been through that.


Just A Walking Number



Image: The Instagirls by Mario Testino for Vogue

By Pavlina Hatzopoulos

We are now living in a world where we put numbers, statistics and social media followings on our CVs. It’s no longer a name, but a number that defines us. As you read this on your smartphone, or maybe your laptop, just think, when did our presence on social media and in the digital world become more important than our real lives? We are so consumed with scrolling through the seemingly beautiful but essentially made up scenarios on Instagram or Tumblr, that our online images, whether the same as our real personas or not, are quickly becoming more important than who we actually are and what we can bring to the world. So, it’s not surprising that in the modeling industry, who you are on your social media accounts and how many followers you can reach, is quickly becoming the one box you need to check to achieve success. 

Clients are now turning to girls who have this wide social media reach, to front their campaigns and walk in coveted spots in their runway shows. Reason being; it is very likely these models will post a backstage or runway snap on Instagram, where a further million people will see the clothes, which is a huge increase in awareness for a brand. This is perhaps the reason why the second youngest member of the Kardashian clan has found recent success as a high fashion model. Every appearance Kendall makes at a runway show, every cover she poses for, garners not only mass media attention but also the awareness of her 14 million Instagram followers. 

The boom of social media has a direct effect on every model, the minute she steps into a casting. A large proportion of models now use apps on Ipads to display their books to clients. Not only do these apps display your portfolio, they now integrate a section to show how many followers you have on several social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. A client can now decide, on the spot, that he or she will use a model based solely on her social media following, and not necessarily on the quality of her portfolio. Some big name models, who previously kept their profiles private, were forced by their agencies to go public, as they were losing out on jobs to lesser famous girls with larger numbers of followers. 

(Image from Snaptch the app Instagram of a model portfolio @snaptchapp)

Models, like everybody else, can use social media accounts to create a certain and often carefully crafted persona, which in turn can appeal to different clients. If you take a look at models’ Instagram accounts you can see some categories emerging. You have the fitness and wellbeing girls, who make it really known that they love yoga on the beach; 


(Image from Gisele Bundchen’s Instagram @giseleofficial)

Then you have the ultimate big city cool girl, with impeccable street style and famous musician friends;

(Image from Cara Delevingne’s Instagram @caradelevingne) 

Or you have the bombshell swimsuit models….

(Image from model Gigi Hadid’s Instagram @gigihadid)

You get the idea. Models use social media to constantly promote their niche, and the girls who know how to strategically market themselves, are the girls nabbing the jobs. 

The importance placed on social media is even further highlighted by the biggest online community for modeling; Models.com. The website’s Model Rankings are famous for carving out the crop of models deemed noteworthy to be considered supermodels, and for discovering the hottest new faces from all over the world. However, in recent times the website has incorporated a new ranking list, named ‘Social,’ which tallies the models with the widest social media reach. As expected, at number one we can see Kendall Jenner, who actually comes in before supermodels Tyra Banks, Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bundchen.

One of the most influential magazines on the planet, American Vogue, dedicated its prestigious September issue cover to ‘The Instagirls’: Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss. Joan has over half a million Instagram followers, Karlie; 1.3 million and Cara; a whopping 7.6 million. Even Candice Swanepoel admitted, in an interview with W Magazine, it is embedded in her Victoria’s Secret contract that she post a certain amount of Tweets and Instagram photos to her millions of followers. 


(Image from Joan Small’s Instagram @joansmalls)

So, from here, what is the future of modeling? Will the supermodels of the next generation be girls with a true talent for morphing into characters in front of the camera, or having a killer walk on the runway, or will they simply be brilliant selfie takers? It seems like the industry is favouring girls not based on how well they model, but based on the amount of people they can reach. Maybe talent doesn’t cut it anymore, but a follow sure will.

Instagram: pavlina__h (how ironic)

Mom, seriously



Are we even related?

Sometimes I wonder about my mom. She seems to have no concept of fashion or what I do. When her friends ask about me, she says I’m off ‘finding myself in the city’. When I come home on the holidays, she’s always insisting I do something else with my life.

“Sweety, when are you going to get a job?” She’ll ask with a concerned look.

I always reply with the same comment, “Mom, I have a job.”

“I know, I know… modeling, right? I mean, when are you going to get a real job, or at least a husband that can take care of you?

I try not to get annoyed with her because she means well. She just has no concept that modeling is a career, and that I indeed have a job. Thankfully, dad helped with the initial contract signing – otherwise, I probably would have needed to wait until I was 18 to do anything in my career.

It is sometimes frustrating to even speak with her; talking about work is completely useless. One time, when I told her about a shoot I landed with a photographer I have been after for nearly two years, she had this dumbfounded look on her face.

“I don’t understand, sweety; couldn’t you just schedule to take pictures with him?”

It’s hard not to smile at someone so clueless.

But, in a way, I kind of like the fact that my mom knows nothing about the modeling industry. It makes home a sort of safe zone; some place I always know I can go, and let my hair down. When I’m home, I’m not just another model; I’m the most important girl in the world – her daughter.

But I am guilty of at least trying to catch her up to speed. One time, just for fun, I put my fashion know-how to the test. Anxious to do anything to get out of the house, I took her to the local mall to update her wardrobe. It went from fun mother-daughter time to a stressful wardrobe consultation.

There I was handing her outfits through a dressing room door while my mother insisted there was no way she looked good in anything I handed her. We finally agreed on an outfit, something predictably similar to everything else she owns and left before I started to lose my patience.

It’s moments like these that completely verify my suspicion that I got my fashion sense from my father. At least she cooks well.

When To Start Using Eye Cream?



By Gritty Pretty

Spoiler alert: Eye creams are a good idea as early as your 20s.

This is the sage advice of skincare specialist and and founder of Double Bay Skin Clinic, Melanie Grant.

“My philosophy on skincare is that prevention is always best,” reveals Grant. “The skin around the eye is very delicate and prone to ageing, so eye cream use can be beneficial from as young as 20 years old. For the sake of adding an extra 30 seconds to your regime, it’s well worth it”.

Fact: there are little to no oil glands in the eye area so it’s one of the first places you’ll see lines – all the more reason to treat that area with something luxurious and highly moisturising. Beauty is as much about enhancing as it is preventing, and eye creams a major part of that, operating to stop crow’s feet, dark under-eye circles and sagging in their wrinkly tracks.

And since they’re the most darn expensive – and smallest – pots at the beauty counter (because of their effectiveness and potency), it’s important to know what you’re investing in and buy the right (read: “best”, “most effective”, “ultimate”) one.

Here, you’ll find a list of exactly what you should be looking for:

HYALURONIC ACID for plumping, hydration and locking in moisture.

RETINOL to stimulate cell turnover and collagen around the skin; it gently exfoliates the delicate skin around the eye and helps to thicken the skin that way.

PEPTIDES which also stimulate collagen if you’re sensitive to retinol.

VITAMIN C to maintain elasticity and prevent further free-radical damage.

VITAMIN E to moisturise as well as soothe dry, irritated skin and protect from free radicals.

If you’re more into natural ingredients, look for…

RESHAPE OIL & ALOE VERA for nourishment and hydration

BLUEBERRY EXTRACT & COENZYME Q10 antioxidants for fighting free-radicals

ARNICA & CAFFEINE for de-puffing

VITAMIN K & WILLOWBARK for brightening

Grant also recommends steering clear of synthetic fragrance and fragrant plant oils as these can irritate the delicate eye area and be downright painful in your eyes. All good eye products will be fragrant-free; this is what separates them your everyday moisturiser – eye creams have much gentler formulations making them suitable for use on such sensitive and think skin.

Every Model Is Crying “YES” For Whole Body CRYOtherapy – Feat Oli Benz



By Michele Smith
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What is Whole Body CRYOtherapy exactly? While most in the fashion industry are obsessed with the latest trends, there is a new health treatment now available in the United States (and abroad for that matter) that is gaining the attention of today’s fashion industry. The simple answer is that Whole Body CRYOtherapy is a 3 minute session where your body is exposed to vaporized liquid nitrogen that will run all over the surface of your skin. The body will initiate a physiological response that you are freezing and being to draw blood into your core, causing the blood to draw from your extremities, which causes your body to pump additional oxygen and nutrients into your blood. At the end of the session, the body will circulate freshly oxygenated blood throughout the rest of your body.

Why are models looking into this Whole Body CRYOtherapy treatment? For starters, the benefits are quite plentiful. Most models have very strenuous exercise routines. One of the benefits of Whole Body CRYOtherapy is that it helps the body recover more quickly from exercise and fatigue – a great plus for a model on the go, who has to maintain a morning workout and run to their busy schedule of the day. The therapy also helps halt the inflammatory process in the body, therefore muscle strains or any injuries heal much faster and with regular use, the therapy can clear chronic inflammation. This is a wonderful plus for models dealing with issues being on their feet all day, runway or long photo shoots.

Another great benefit is the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. What model (or non-model) for that matter, wouldn’t enjoy this benefit? The oxygenated blood that is pumped back through your system boosts collegan production to not only help the aforementioned, but also helps reduce cellulite, while tightening up the skin. Last but not least, Whole Body CRYOtherapy will help your body burn calories. This is great for those model mornings, no matter how disciplined they are, if you have to skip exercise that day, your body actually burns 400-800 Calories per session due to your body fighting to heat back up to its normal temperature. There are many additional benefits including reduced jet lag which is also key for International models on the run, and this is due to improved hormone regulation. This is also accompanied by improved mood and stress reduction. This is key for any model because, despite public perception, modeling is quite stressful. Imagine having to look your bests at all times, exhibiting confidence on a runway and keeping a tight healthy workout regimen.

The many additional benefits include improved mood and reduced anxiety. This is the direct result from the endorphin rush that participants experience during the treatment. While fairly new in the United States, there is one clinic that has opened here with more to come, five in UAE and one in Lebanon. For more information visit:  us.cryo.com or ae.cryo.com.